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Why is pro-ferm so special?

pro-ferm is the only dermatologically tested skincare range to be able to deliver beta-glucans deep enough into the skin to have the required effect. pro-ferm is the very latest ultra luxury skin care range to provide real and immediate scientifically proven benefits.

How is the Pro-Ferm range different?

Pro-Ferm is the only treatment to use the patented Hyaferm® Glucaferm® combination.

What is the product range?

The Pro-Ferm range for women includes: Day Care, Night Care, Serum, Intensive Treatment
, Self Tan, Body Lotion and Eye Care all incorporating the patented Glucaferm and Hyaferm combination to firm the skin and visibly reduce the effects of ageing. There is also a Special Balm Treatment for Men. There is also the 'World First' Pro-Ferm+ nutritional supplement that provides essential nutrients for healthy skin.

Where is Pro-Ferm available?

The full skincare range is available from our pro-ferm website - click the button below:

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Do beta-glucan skin treatments really support cell growth?

Yes –
click here for the full scientific explanation.

What other benefits do the skin creams have?

They keep skin clear, elastic, hydrated and protected.

Are the ingredients completely natural?

Yes. Both the 1-3, 1-6 beta glucans and the hyaluronic acid are completely natural compounds. In fact, hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in human skin, where it is the key hydrating agent. It is the combination of beta glucans plus hyaluronic acid which has been shown to be so supportive, at the University of Berlin; and has been patented for use in the Pro-Ferm products.

Does pro-ferm have a UV filter?

No – but it has an intrinsic SPF instead. Glucaferm is an active and potent antioxidant, and directly prevents skin damage caused by exposure to radiation. Equally importantly, as Glucaferm enters the skin it supports levels of the skin’s own antioxidants including tocopherols, tocotrienols, vitamin C and glutathione. Also most UV filters contain Zinc and given the special absorption qualities of Pro-Ferm this is not considered suitable.

Have the products been tested on animals?

One of the main benefits of the 1-3, 1-6 beta Glucans is to replace antibiotics in animal feed. The observed benefits to animals in terms of improved health and wellbeing led, indirectly, to the discovery of the benefits to human skin.

Can Pro-Ferm skin treatments really reverse ageing?

Yes – tests at the Berlin University show that wrinkle depth is reduced, and skin hydration and elasticity improved after only 30 days of use as illustrated below:

Are there other skin creams that support cell growth?

Yes. These use various types of peptides which are non-specific growth promoters. This can cause problems as they support the growth of all cells, whether desirable or not.

What other types of skin treatment work well?

There are other cosmetics on the market which reduce the signs of ageing by filling in lines in the skin with micro-reflective particles or stretching the skin with tightening agents. There are also a number of creams containing peptides which can work well. All these mask the symptoms, but do nothing to stop or reverse the ageing process.

Can I over-use the skin treatments?

No. But you don’t need to do much more than as directed in the instructions, there is a technical limit to how much your skin can absorb – especially as it is primarily designed to keep things out!

How old do you have to be to use them?

Pro-Ferm can be used as support for your skin as soon as there are any visible signs of ageing; but it can also be used prophylactically, by younger people, to help your skin to delay the signs of ageing. Pro-Ferm supports your body’s own defence systems to maintain your skin and has been shown to reverse the visible signs of ageing.

Can you be too old for them to make a difference?

No – your skin can always do with a helping hand!

pro-ferm Micronutrients.

Part of the Pro-Ferm range is a carefully selected course of micronutrients to be taken orally on a daily basis. This has been selected personally by Dr Paul Clayton. Click here for details of Pro-Ferm+

Paul is one of the UK's leading authorities on nutrition He is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Medicine and a former Senior Scientific Advisor to the UK government's Committee on the Safety of Medicines.

He has worked with leading doctors and clinical scientists at centres of clinical expertise in the UK and abroad, and trained the pharmacists in Britain's largest chemist chain in preventative nutrition.

He has written two best selling books on nutrition and has recently been appointed as Research Director of Medical Nutrition Matters, a post-graduate course in Oxford registered with, and approved by the BMA. Its function is to teach nutrition to GP's and other health care providers.

For the inside as well as out!

So, for the full 'inside and out' range of treatments to keep you looking young and healthy you've come to the right place! click here for more

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