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"Beta-glucan is a tool to help strengthen the immune system.
Its effects can include fighting off colds as well as helping alleviate allergy symptoms."  Click here

About Us


  • Vitalize Health Products is the leading manufacturer of specialised beta-glucan 1-3, 1-6 products in the UK. These are special modulators that boost the body's immune functions and keep us healthy.

  • What is so special about immune function? Our bodies rely on various immune systems to stay healthy and free from illness and physical deterioration. For centuries we have been constantly beset by bacterial and viral threats but in today's over sanitised environment our immune systems have less to do and as a result they have been weakened.

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  • Why Beta-Glucan? It is natural (derived from yeast) and has been well researched and in use for several years. Beta-Glucan 1-3, 1-6 acts as  an immuno modulator, meaning it up-rates your innate immune system even when it has been weakened by stress, poor diet or run down by illness or medical treatments.

  • Why specifically Beta Glucan 1-3, 1-6? There are many types of Beta-Glucan; some help with digestion, some reduce cholesterol but only one type acts as an immuno modulator and is only really effective if refined properly.

  • What can this mean? For your health this means that you will be better equipped to both resist and recover from infection and viruses such as colds and flu as well as other infections. For your skin this means support for new cell production and cellular matrix.

  • What products provide this? Glucasan based Nutraceutical supplements, which include Glucasan+, Glucamune and Betamune75 provide highly refined beta-glucans as a nutritional supplement and here the effects are to support your body's immune systems to protect against illness and infection as well as strengthening your ability to fight illness. More here: Beta-Glucan Supplement Information

  • Are there other products beside Nutraceuticals? Yes - pro-ferm is the only dermatologically tested skincare range to be able to deliver these beta-glucans deep enough into the skin to have the required effect. pro-ferm is the very latest ultra luxury skin care range to provide these real and immediate scientifically proven benefits.

Beta Glucan Products In our over sanitised environment our resistance to infection and disease is impaired by under utilised immune systems.

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 "Beta Glucan 1-3, 1-6 is a powerful immune enhancing compound that up-rates the innate immune system to help the body defend itself against viral and bacterial invaders."
Professor G Gerber


Natural Pharmacy
"Beta Glucans 1-3. 1-6 trigger an enhanced immune response enabling the body's defense system to attack and overwhelm pathogens.

Scientists from organisations as wide-ranging as the National Cancer Institute (US), Harvard Medical School, Brazilian State University of Campinas, University of Naples, even the Institute for Problems of Nuclear Power Plant Safety at Chernobyl, Ukraine, have studied the Beta-Glucan group of polysaccharides. Nearly 8,500 scientific papers recording studies of Beta-Glucans have been listed on PubMed, the website of the US National Library of Medicine."

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